In Moderation

I took a long drag of the cigarette in my slender hands and exhaled. The best part of smoking by the ocean was the view. Tiny ships dotted the horizon like sitting ducks in a pond. Whether they were going or coming I couldn’t tell.

The downside of smoking by the ocean, your cigarette burned out faster than Kelly Hansome’s music career. I yelped in pain, tossing the cigarette butt into the ocean and raising my finger to my mouth to soothe the burn.

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closing hours

Closing hours

Author’s note: I took a 15-minute break from work to write this today. It had been tinkering in my head for so long I had to let it out. I tried to censor it because you know I’m trying to be good. (I feel like I’m betraying art itself when I censor or restrain myself. Does any other writer feel that way?). I am working on the conclusion for Trust, trust me *wink* I love conversing. So please feel free to leave a comment.

When I was in the university, I was voted most likely to become a career woman.
They said it like it was a bad thing while I jubilated at the thought of becoming the person I admired the most. A powerful woman. Read More